Saturday, February 02, 2008

Lost is back; and more insane than ever

While I wait for my iPhone to try and fix itself, I figured now would be as good a time as any to talk about Lost. I forgot just how insanely addictive this show is, and I wasn't prepared for it in the least; some real mind benders were dropped. What we know now:
1. Six people get off the island: Of the forty-plus survivors, only a half-dozen actually return to civilization (dubbed the Oceanic Six by the media) and for some reason they all agree to lie about it? Jack, Kate and Hurley are part of that group. The other three? I'll say Sawyer and Sayid for sure. The last one I'm just not sure.
2. Jack's dad is Jacob??: Not totally sure about that, but it was definitely Christian Shepherd sitting in Jacob's rocking chair. The white sneakers, dark suit and giant forehead was enough proof for me.


My iPhone lost it's Edge...

So yeah. I've always had my iPhone hacked, or "jailbroken" as the term goes, to let me install 3rd party apps. Only the latest version is a little messed up, and now I can't connect to the Edge network... Now the Edge network isn't the speediest kid on the block, but at least it's faster than what I have now! I didn't think it would be a deal breaker but today I finally got sick of it. Luckily there is a way to restore it back to firmware 1.1.1 and re-upgrade it to a newer hacked version of 1.1.3, but the process is taking forever. :( By the way, why did Mac get rid of the sad mac icon?? I always felt it empathized with me when our old OS 9 G3 Macs would incessantly crash in the middle of our layout design back at the newspaper...


Friday, December 14, 2007

Getting intimate with modern warfare

So lately I've been fairly preoccupied with work, freelance, church activities, family drama and the occasional biking or rock climbing. When I do get a chance to blow the dust off my Xbox, I've mostly been playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It's arguably the best multiplayer shooter out on the system. And yes, I'm including Halo 3 in there. Here's why:

I say that for a couple reasons. First off, Modern Warfare is trying to emulate real life combat situations, to an extent. Because of that, you don't get Halo-style game play where everyone runs out in the open blasting each other point-blank. You get a lot more tactical game play where you hide in cover, make sure it's clear, then run top-speed to the next cover point. Second, you earn upgraded gear and tactical perks as you play the game, which breathes more life into game play and encourages you to participate more. As you rank up, you not only get a new medal, but you also get better guns, skills and additional challenges. All in all, I have to say it's the most well-rounded multiplayer on xbox today.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

becca rules

Wow what a cool chick.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Good Widgets; the name is self-explanatory

Good Widgets has a simple premise; provide a unique spin on the Flash photo slide show. Now sites that let you make free slide shows are literally dime-a-dozen on the web. Just check a random Myspace profile and you'll see what I mean. The downside of those are that they are usually pretty ugly and are branded head-to-toe with their corporate logo or watermark. GW, however, has taken a different spin.

First off, their widgets are cool. Each one is fairly unique, and while there are only eight to chose from, it is a good selection. Second, If you want to remove the free advertisement, you can do so for the measly price of only $2.99. My only qualm is you don't get the Flash source code, but thats just from me, a Flash developer. For the average web user, all they want is a simple and easy interface and Good Widget delivers.
get em here


Steelers 4 & 1 after shutting out Seattle

Steelers RuleIt was definitely a slow start for both football teams as the Seattle Seahawks went to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. A lot of that had to do with the unusually hot October weather in Pittsburgh. Also, both teams with a 3 & 1 record were desperately trying to not repeat last week losses by changing up plays, but getting nowhere. Did I mention the Steelers top receivers were out on injury? Even so, the Steelers were able to squeeze out a score before halftime. But it was anyone's game. That is, until the second half started.

They should've called it "How Roethlisburger got his groove back", because he was on fire. After the break, Pittsburgh came out charging, stringing together play after play for ten minutes as they marched down field, capping it with another TD. And their defense was on lock for all four quarters, leaving Seattle's QB surrounded by field with no one to pass to. One more TD and the deal was sealed. Now with enough time to rest up their star players, hopefully Pittsburgh can keep their winning push further into the season.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Everyone loves the iPhone

Late night, I had to get me some fourth meal®. Actually, it was second meal; all I had today was breakfast. The drive-thru line took forever, so of course I had to break out the iPhone and send some quick texts. I get to the window, and the window guy was like "that'll be six dollars and forty... dude, is that the new iPhone??" So before I could get my Mexican Pizza® and taco supreme, I had to give him a quick demo on how the browser switches to landscape view when you tilt it. Besides, I'm ultra-paranoid of offending fast-food workers for fear of them spitting in my Diet Pepsi.


Friday, August 03, 2007

The hey-Zeus phone: iPhone hype is real!

For the last couple weeks, I've been saying how the iPhone wasn't for me. All hype, and way over-priced. That is, till I actually used one. A guy at my office has one and handed his over for a closer look. Big mistake. This thing is like butter.
The google maps, the web browser and the full-screen video iPod make this thing as close to the holy grail of phones as you can get. The one thing I have mixed emotions about is the on-screen keyboard, but even after only a day my typing skills have really improved. I was also wary about the closed system for 3rd party apps, but the extensive homebrew and web apps coming out daily make this phone better and better. For the record, I held out for three days before I broke down and bought the iphone, which i wrote this post with...


Monday, May 07, 2007

28 Weeks Later; see this movie!

Zombies Rule!
28 Weeks Later; see this movie!, originally uploaded by russdogg.

So my friend Dave got me some free tickets to an early showing of 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later. Now I wasn't the biggest fan of the first one; partly due to crowd I saw it with, but mostly because the acting was sub-par, the plot jumped around a lot, and the people purposely did stupid things. The sequel however is ten times better, at least.

The main family in the movie are still unknown actors, but they included a favorite actor of mine, Harold Perrineau; better known as Michael from ABC's Lost, or Link from the Matrix Trilogies. He is also the helicopter pilot in one of the best "chopper blade decapitation" scenes ever in a horror movie (including Grindhouse). Other favorite scenes of mine were the shots of London in ruins, especially the helicopter landing through the partial dome of Wembley Stadium. How they did those scenes I don't know, but it was good. If you like zombie movies, or even horror movies in general, go see this. Now.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jack Bauer. That's all you need to know.

Dammit Chloe!!!!
Needless to say to 24 fans worldwide, Jack is indeed back. Beaten, torture-scarred, nasty acid-burned hand, malnourished, and deadlier than ever...

Jack is back, and after two years in a Chinese water torture chamber, he readily accepts dying for the red white and blue; but when he realizes the US government was duped by a lying terrorist (is there any other kind??), he escapes by ripping out the nearest jugular with his teeth. Think Jack will spare Curtis when he stands in the way of the only link to the terrorists? Forget about it. Jack shoots him point-blank the only way he knows how; in the throat, of course. Obviously in homage to his buddy, dead President Palmer. Clearly Jack's brother will not be getting any special treatment, unless the plastic bag over the head is some sort of childhood game. Speaking of which, whats with all the family in LA Jack has all of the sudden? It's like he stumbled across the Bauer Family Reunion Picnic or something...


Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas with the fam

Suprisingly it was a mellow christmas. Lots of Hi def basketball and football, first annual ping pong tournament, and no drama.
 Russdogg ™


Friday, November 17, 2006

American Airlines arena

Post Heat game, outside the AA arena, the heat is still on at 10:30 at
night so we cruised South Beach afterwards.
 Russdogg ™