Sunday, October 07, 2007

Good Widgets; the name is self-explanatory

Good Widgets has a simple premise; provide a unique spin on the Flash photo slide show. Now sites that let you make free slide shows are literally dime-a-dozen on the web. Just check a random Myspace profile and you'll see what I mean. The downside of those are that they are usually pretty ugly and are branded head-to-toe with their corporate logo or watermark. GW, however, has taken a different spin.

First off, their widgets are cool. Each one is fairly unique, and while there are only eight to chose from, it is a good selection. Second, If you want to remove the free advertisement, you can do so for the measly price of only $2.99. My only qualm is you don't get the Flash source code, but thats just from me, a Flash developer. For the average web user, all they want is a simple and easy interface and Good Widget delivers.
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