Monday, October 10, 2005

Steelers rock Monday Night Football

Oh baby, this was a nail biter. I got off work early and made it home just in time for the kick off. Probably one of the most nerve wracking football games I've watched in quite some time. And let me tell you, after watching 3 straight hours in high definition, I can't imagine ever watching it any other way. Seriously, it's that good. Pittsburgh scored first, in the 2nd quarter, Big Ben roethlisberger actually ran in for the TD. This kid really rocks. However, after terrible calls and obscure rules pulled out of nowhere, Steelers lose the lead. At the end of the game, right at crunch time when Pittsburgh is trying to come back for the win, Ben gets injured! I was almost sick at this point, but they were close enough for the kick and they pulled it off. Thats how Monday Night Football should be. Oh yeah, and despite Arnold Schwarzenegger's lame vote-pandering prediction of San Diego victory, Chargers didn't jingle all the way.

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