Monday, October 17, 2005

Ridin the rails... in Las Vegas

Me & Todd on the Vegas monorail
Originally uploaded by russdogg.
A quick trip down to Vegas turned out to be pretty fun. I love how cheap airflights are now from Fresno. Round trip 120 bucks, and it would've been 50 bucks cheaper if I bought 2 weeks in advance. Hit up the fiji Day 2005 celebration, at Sams Town Casino. Leave it to the Fijians to get the gig at some ghetto casino, haha. But it was awesome. The musician Fiji Veikoso rocked the house, with fiji celebs like the US ambassador to Fiji, retired WWF wrestler Jimmy Snooker, and that huge fijian she-male that just got his boobs done. My friend's wife made it especially fun by winning 4500 bucks at the craps table in about an hour. She kicked me down a hundred chip which i turned into 180 on another table, so we had money all weekend. Nice.

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