Sunday, January 16, 2005

Will Smith does good with Hitch

Will gets to hook up with this Hottie... Lucky!
Back in Hawaii, and things have actually been good. It was totally random, but my buddy Rich and I got free tickets to a sneak preview of the latest film starring Will "big willy style" Smith. I didn't expect much since it didn't seem like a movie fit for the Fresh Prince. They were grilling everyone at the entrance for camera phones or video cameras, any kind of recording device. They told us a million times during our hour wait in line, yet we saw about 20 or 30 idiots get turned away for having camera phones! dumbass!. The movie turned out to be pretty funny, with Will as this date doctor that is able to get you into your dream relationship in 3 dates. Of course when it comes to himself, he screws it up at every turn. Yada yada yada, Will and Eva Mendez hook up in the end. A very pg-13 film, but you don't really notice since it is so funny. Those are the best kind of movies. I would rather have a movie be rated R, to keep it interesting, rather than water it down with a lower rating, but this is one of those few that can appeal to all crowds. Good to see Will back in the game. Highly recommend it to those who actually go to movies instead of downloading them. This is one of those suprise films that are actually good in january.

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