Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hosoi is back!

hosoi is back!
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In the midst of all the bad stuff going on lately,its good to remember the best news of last summer: Christian Hosoi is back!! For those who don't know, Hosoi was one of the biggest skateboarders back in the day. After the skate bubble burst at the end of the 80's, Hosoi and several other top pros fell on hard times. He actually was in prison for the last 5 years for shipping drugs to Hawaii, but he's been outsince last june, and reborn, literally. He's now a Christian (church-wise, no pun intended) and has hit up the stunt wood once again. I just found these pictures and had to put em up. He was spotted in hawaii last summer skating the Hickam Air Force base skate bowl right after his release, and if this picture is any indication, he's back in the game. Its awesome to see guys still ripping it up and skating because it's what they love. To get some perspective on how long he's been around, I remember going to the public library in 6th grade, n looking at books on skating. Hosoi was literally on every other page.

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