Saturday, January 01, 2005

Christmas was good; New Years was blah

I pity the fool

Its been nice to be back in Cali for a few weeks, what with all the nieces and nephews now. Its hard to keep track. I ended out spending 200 bucks at friggin Toys'R'Us. Overall, I even made out pretty good on the presents angle. Heres my haul of gifts:
1. Poker Chip Set
2. Taschen's 1000 Favorite Websites book
3. Mr. T in your pocket --------->
4. White church shirt
5. Wienerschnitzel skateboard
The web book is pretty good, its all photos of tight websites. The best though, is the Mr. T in your Pocket. Its a keychain thing that plays all of Mr. T's best saying. You know, I pity the fool, and Don't gimme no jibbajabba. Its classic. My sister saw it on Leno's worst christmas gifts, and knew I had to have it. New Years we all sat around and played cheesy board games, pretty uneventful. I'm gearin up to go back home to Hawaii, but first I got the General Council Meeting with my Indian Tribe on wednesday. That always adds color to my month.

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