Saturday, February 12, 2005

Life speeds past you when you are lazy

I've been so lazy this semester and its due totally to the fact that I only have one class left till I graduate. Super fast update: Pittsburgh lost to the Patriots thus ending any Super bowl hopes this year, we watched the game on my projector so it was a huge 80 inches of footbally goodness. I've been sick with something since last saturday, so I've been miserable all week, The power was out in my entire town yesterday for hours, and to pass the time we threw fireworks at passing cars. Honestly, I'm 25, still in college, throwing firecrackers at people driving by. Something is seriously wrong with me. Just when it dawned on us that we could probably go loot the town unnoticed, the power immediately came back. Not like we seriously would,you belive me right??? Nobody better report me to the honorcode gestapo! uhmmm.... anyways... word to the wise: dont go to the gym sick. Lifting weights while light headed is listed under the category of "dumb-ass ideas". I slept for 6 hours in a nyquil-induced haze this afternoon, and as such I'm now blogging at 3:00 am. It seems like the last few weeks past by in a blurry haze.

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