Sunday, August 15, 2004

A return to super chill

roomates suck
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Its weird coming back to the islands after being in California. I went from doing stuff almost every day with one of my siblings or parents,constantly driving places at top speed, to absolutely nothing. Not that its a bad thing, its just how life is in Laie. my friends and I had to force a trip to the mall in an attempt to achieve self-entertainment. On the way home we were behind some fool driving 35 mph, and I wanted to take off my shoe and throw it in his face as I passed him. But then I remembered that the speed limit is 35 through alot of Oahu, and figured some of my family's road rage had rubbed off on me during my visit. I felt a million times better after a nap. Really, all adults should have a naptime, especially at work. can you imagine how much less stress would be in the workplace if everyone took an hour nap after lunch? It seems that somewhere in the middle of precious pre-teen youth "the nap" loses its coolness, and its only after years out of practice we realize we shouldve been napping all along! I think I'm on to something. Let me brainstorm on it after another nap.

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