Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Go robot, go robot, go robot...

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Theres nothing better than going to a late showing movie with a friend who is as obnoxious as yourself! Case in point, I, Robot. The movie "loosely" (see: not at all) based on the Isaac Asimov novel. I got to admit, it was better than expected. Given this summer's cinematic crap-fest, for e.g. King Arthur, Harold & Kumar, and (shudder!) AVP, I didnt expect much from Will "big willy-style" Smith. But the movie was okay! It made it alot better that whenever I made robot noises to spice up as boring part, everyone else in the theater laughed. To achieve the full effect, after watching I, Robot, watch the episode of Sealab 2021 called "I, robot". It is so funny, you'll cry laughing. Go pirate that cartoon off Kazaa today!

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