Saturday, July 03, 2004

My car breathes once more...

My Prelude has been reborn. Way back in February, my little car died out of the blue and wouldnt start up again. Talk about a bad way to end a date. A week later my girlfriend broke up with me; one of my friends said its cause i didn't have a car anymore. I like to think its cause I'm a huge Lakers fan and she's all about the Kings (see Shaq's comment re: the Queens) Anywayz, I had the car towed back to my place because my landlord said he would fix it. He is an amazing mechanic, but he's always super busy. Well, I reminded him alot about it but I didnt want to be bugging him all the time. Finally, four months later, on Tuesday, I was talkin with him in his garage and he was like, "lets check out your car really quick." So I popped the hood, and seriously in less than five seconds, he was like "Heres your problem." What the hell! After waiting four months, it took him five seconds to diagnose it. At any rate... he got the parts and now I'm rollin again!!! It feels so good to be able to go somewhere whenever I want to; or at least go further than my golf cart can go with the batteries charged up.

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