Monday, July 05, 2004

Goin, goin, back, back, to Cali...

Hell yeah, I'm goin home! My sister Alisa convinced me that I need to come home for a couple weeks during my summer break. I really didn't want to, but now I'm stoked. I managed to weasel the school's digital camera for the trip, so theres gonna be some quality photos after the trip, for sure! My mom is picking me up from Oakland, so I'm gonna try n see if we can swing by San Francisco and hit up the Apple store. For sure gonna hit up the local Indian Casino when I get to home and get my gamble on (and hella cheap steak dinner). Oh yeah, thats the main reason I'm going home. Our tribe, Fort Independence Indian Reservation, has a big meeting where they are going to vote on a workman's comp plan that alot of state officials in California are gettin worked up in a frenzy over. The article is in the archives here at Hopefully the end result is I make some bank off of this! Cha-ching! All of you reading this that I owe money will be paid ASAP, I swear! This workmans comp deal has potential to make me rich. Also, the new deal that Governor Arnie has set up letting more gaming compact deals in Cali can make me cold cash, if it all works out. Holla!

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