Friday, July 09, 2004

Every indian wants to be the Chief...

Its my native duty... well not really but you gotta be wondering, why else would I drive 5 hours each way through the Mojave desert just to sit in a hot room and listen to a bunch of people swear at each other? I'd like to say that my sole motivation is "responsibility and duty" since I am related to them, and it kinda is, but its also got alot to do with money. Why else would I waste time with a bunch of people who don't like me solely because of my last name? I hate to sound shallow, but my cousins can be really mean, especially when they are arguing over something they really don't know much about. My brother, the Chairman of our tribe, is working hard to to make our tribe a lil cashflow, but he's receiving alot of opposition from other tribal members that hate my family because we don't live on the reservation anymore. It doesn't matter if my brother has excellent ideas; some haters down there hate the idea if they didn't think of it first. There are so many opportunities for a "sovereign nation" in the state of California to make some serious bank, but you gotta work hard at it. I went down to the reservation to vote on some of these issues, and to check up on the status of my 1 acre parcel of land just chillin down there waitin for me to build my mansion and retire at 35. So hopefully "the gods" are smiling down on me. Maybe it's in my blood, but I really have no desire to have a 9-5 job and the sooner I make my bankroll the better, ya heard me?

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