Thursday, July 15, 2004

-Haha! That guy wrecked!

-Dude, isnt that your brother? yeah.Thats basically the coversation between my brother Carl and his buddy. Wait, rewind... First of all, this weekend at Pismo Beach rocked! Camping on the beach, riding quads on huge sand dunes all day, shootong illegal fireworks, watching two of my brothers drink ther asses off, and watching hippies burn a giant effigy made entirely out of junkmail. Could it get any better? no, but it sure could get worse. I flipped my brothers Honda 450cc quad, which to him was no biggie cause he also has a new yamaha yfz 450cc quad, and flipping it did nothing to it except break off a 5 dollar flag. It was a big deal to me though  cause it rolled over me and it was damn heavy! As a result I bruised a bunch of ribs and also can't move my left arm more than a few inches due to (presumably) some torn tendons in my shoulder. Of course my lack of insurance does nothing to help the matter! Thanks to up above I was born a half caste! Since I'm Indian I got a free check up at the good ol' Indian Health Clinic. They just gave me a perscription for beefed up Motrin since its an anti-inflammitory, and I'm getting an x-ray tommorrow. When I figure out how to post some of my pics on here you can see the quads and hopefully my x-ray. Oh, and I'm for sure buying a quad now. Being a dumass and hurting myself aside, it was bitchin!

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