Sunday, April 02, 2006

We want tacos! We want tacos!

Lakers played Phoenix today.Kobe was playing good in the first half, but his game play was more of a passing game, with only 15 first-half points. of course thats alot of points but this is Kobe we are talking about. After the half, he came back on fire, drilling shots from all over the court, scoring 19 points in the third. When it was all said and done, Bryant had 42 points total, making this game # 23 that he had 40+ points this season, tying Elgin Baylor for Laker with the most 40+ games in a season. Now it was a gimme that the Lakers would win, especially with T-Mac out on injury, but on an intersting side note Yao actually held his own finishing with 25 points. That's a long way from when he first came in the League and was getting pushed around all the time.
After Kobe's blazing 3rd and 4th quarters, MVP chants could be heard through out Staples Center. After Kobe sat out, the chant changed. Inaudible at first, it soon became clear. We Want Tacos! We Want Tacos! Apparently Taco Bell was giving out vouchers for tacos if the Lakers kept the opponents to under 90. Luckily for the hungry fans, Rockets only made it to 88. Rumor has it the Rockets were coerced to keep it under 90 by city officials for fear of riots.

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