Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Diet Pepsi, vindicated from claims of causing cancer (and being gay)

Ever since I started drinking Diet Pepsi, I never looked back. It all started a few years back when I spent a month in the Cook Islands working for a football magazine, riding modpeds and hanging out on the beach. Reality set in when I got home to Hawaii and I realized I was dirt broke. I mean bank-closing-your-account broke. Aside from having less than a dollar to my name, for some reason my biggest worry was I couldn't afford my daily Pepsi. My roomate decided to be the good samaritan, but with a twisted stipulation: He would only buy me Diet. I was appalled, however my disgust for sugar-free soda was superceded only by my addiction to caffination, and I eventually got used to it. The fact that I was removing so much sugar from my daily diet was very encouraging towards my pathetic attempts to live a healthier way of life, but there are always critics. The one complaint I always hear about Diet Pepsi (aside from it being gay) was the so-called "fact" that Aspartame, Diet Pepsi's artificial sweetener, caused cancer.

Now I decided this was a calculated risk I was willing to take, since my immediate family and relatives are highly prone to diabetes (and alchoholism, but thats another blog...), but not a single relative has cancer. Well, there's good news fellow Aspartame Addicts: Diet drinkers everywhere can now breathe a sigh of relief and now have some clinical grounds to stand on. A recent study by the National Cancer Institute has debunked the cancer causing blame on Aspartame. Read it and weep, critics. There are some claims that Artificial sweeteners can interfere with your diet, but that only applies if you are too stupid to read the calories clearly printed on the side of the package.

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