Friday, February 25, 2005

dont diddy on my shaq shoe phone!

Leave it to P-diddy to show off crazy but useless technology.(remember his diamond iPod in the Snoop video?) It was entertaining, but couldn't wipe from my memory that terrible half-time show blasting... country music?!? They only added insult to injury when this huge black cowboy broke out into a terrible rap reminiscent of the chicago Bears rap in the '80s. It wasn't my favorite all-star game, but Vince Carter did show he still had a shadow of some of the moves that helped him win the slam dunk contest in 2000. The alley-oop to himself was awesome. Luckily no Kobe/Shaq conflicts this time. Kobe is my boy, no doubt about that, but I gotta be realistic; Shaq would knock Kobe into the cheap seats.

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