Saturday, November 20, 2004

Basket-brawl in Detroit

So I'm at work, watching basketball. I know, I know, I wasn't really working in a literal sense, but I digress. Pacers were playing the Piston in Detroit. Now I happen to be anti-Detroit, since they won the championship last year, so I was cheering for Indiana's Pacers the whole time. In the last 45 seconds of the game, all hell breaks loose. I'm talkin players fighting players, players fighting fans, kids crying, fans rioting, objects thrown at players including beer bottles, ice, popcorn, and even a freakin chair! This went on for like five minutes. The game was called, - whens the last time that happened? - and people were left in a daze having witnessed the craziest scene ever in NBA history, I'd bet. Basically, it went down like this: Artest fouls Ben Wallace hard, intentionally, but not too hard. Wallace gets crazy and slams both hands in Artest's face, throwing him backwards hard. Artest, who is always somehow in the thick of this stuff, realizes its a no win, and backs off. To prove he's doin nothing, he lays down and chills on the scorer's table. Everyone else is holding back ben wallace who is still goin crazy. Then, a fan nails Artest in the face with a cup full of beer. Artest jumps up, runs 5 rows up to this lil punk, and starts beating him down. Then it went crazy. Detroit fans are insane. Crazier than Fresno State fans, even.The coolest was Jermaine O'Neil, who punched this one crazy dude so hard in the face that the guy went sailing. Did I mention some fan threw a chair??? This is up there with, if not the, all time craziest NBA scenes ever. If i had my DVR set up I would have clips, but for now go to

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