Monday, November 13, 2006

Awesome hotel, even better job...

I got in pretty late last night to Miami. Actually, it was only about 7:30 california time, but it was 10:30 east coast. Which was not cool because I was hungry! Nothing was open and I was sooo tempted to eat from the minibar. The 4 dollar cost for a bag of M&Ms was enough to curb the hunger pangs though. By the time I got to sleep at 2:30 AM, I only had about 4 and a half hours of sleep. Luckily my room is awesome. 14th floor suite with a king-size bed, ceiling to floor windows, kitchen, two bathrooms and a jet tub.

First day of the training session was very cool. We basically are being
indoctrinated in the company culture, which is very cool and goes with
my style perfectly.
 Russdogg ™

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