Thursday, November 17, 2005

I join the ranks of those suffering from the "Lost Effect"...

The "Lost Effect"... Originally uploaded by russdogg.

I got home from work just in time to religiously watch ABC's "Lost" in HD last night. After another excellent hour, they followed it up with "Invasion", a terrible aliens-among-us show replete with sub-par acting and cheesy special effects. The main character is pretty boy Eddie Cibrian, you may remember him from ESPN's lame duck poker drama Tilt. Half way through it, I realized I knew ALL the characters and storylines. How was this possible? It then dawned on me that I had watched EVERY episode, since it comes on right after the best show this season. Lost is just that good; so good it puts me in a drooling trance for another hour. It could have been test patterns or re-runs of that "Steve Urkle" show, and I would watch still it with a zombie expression, mouth agape. I dub this the "Lost Effect". I can't be the only one afflicted by this, can I? Are there millions suffering out there?

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