Friday, July 22, 2005

The good times are killing me

top of the hill
So I got back from a month in China of just travelling and having the coolest experiences... I get home to Hawaii to find out I'm getting evicted at the end of this month! I'm officially graduated from college now, but that's left me with kind of a dilemma... Since I quit my job before the China trip, I now have no job and no money. And I HATE living in crappy student housing, living with a bunch of idiots who have no clue as to even wash a dish. I can move back to California, and work with my brother doing web design, which would be cool, but damn, it just aint Hawaii, you know? and its like I have to grow up now, haha. I can't just screw around and travel to different countries when ever I want like before. That whole "getting a real, 9-5 job" thing just doesn't appeal to me. I want to leave Hawaii because most of my friends have also graduated and left or got married or something like that, and I feel like I'm dragging behind... I don't know. Just spouting randomness, stoked to be finally done with college yet depressed at what that actually means for my life.

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