Thursday, December 02, 2004

Pain can be for a good cause, right?

with finals this week and next week, my graduation ceremony, and my parents flying in soon for it, I've been super busy trying to finish all of my late assignments and homework I was to lazy to do months ago. In the midst of my hectic schedule, my roomates convinced me to join 24 Hour Fitness, a gym/health club. The way I figured, I'd be more likely to do stick to exercising if I'm paying for it. Its really really nice. Highly recommend it. I'm super sore though. I can barely lift my arms. but its all for a good cause, right? the best part by far is the fact that nobody bothers you, and you can dress however you want. (unlike my school's gym, where the dresscode is strictly enforced by some nazi employees) Oh yeah, the hot tub and sauna are nice touches. And I can go to any one in Hawaii, (and the rest of the US too) where they have olympic swimming pools and basketball courts and stuff. Who knows, maybe I'll actually get in shape for once in my life.

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