Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bush is an idiot but I'm voting for him anyway...

Man, Bush looks pathetic on T.V. He stammers, gives people the runaround when they ask him sensitive questions, and sometimes has that gulity kid look like he just got busted for eating cookies before dinnertime. All that aside, I'm still voting for him tommorrow. Kerry's even worse though. He's got that smug I'm-guilty-but-you're-too-dumb-to-notice look. Like that OJ Simpson guilty look. I don't know if OJ did it or not, but damn, he looked guilty! That whole mean stare down look Kerry gets sometimes is enough to swing my Democratic butt towards Dubya. MTV is making me sick. It's so partisan, and so pointedly democratic, but they try n act like they are giving a balanced view of the election. They interviewed Kerry but couldnt get Bush to come on so they kept repeating that after every point Kerry made. Gideon Yago's like "Kerry thinks this should be so-and so. But when we tried to ask BUSH how he felt on this, we couldn't get an appointment with him! So, we'll play some audio clip of what he said 4 years ago as his rebuttal." SO lame. And they always hype up Moore's "Farenheit" movie, which was so boring and seriously stretching to make any semblance of a point. Gideon Yago looked like a dog about to pee with excitement when he interviewed Kerry. If he was a dog he'd be sniffing Kerry's butt right now, or humping his leg. Oh, and Kerry keeps sayin how if he's elected he'll save our job economy, but our economy is finally on the upswing before him and if Kerry's elected he'll totally take credit. Both Kerry ans Bush just need to step aside let Schwartzanegger run for office. He'll crush those girliemen.

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