Sunday, October 10, 2004

Snoop's iPod

snoops iPod
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Caught this in Snoop Dogg's latest video, "Drop It Like It's Hot". A little advice: Don't drop it, even though it probably is hot. I doubt Snoop got Applecare on it. Sure 50 Cent did the iPod video already. And P Diddy iced it out first, but come on. P-diddy aint got nothin on Snoop. the Snoopy D-Oh-Double. My question: why's it gotta always be the HP iPod that gets the bling treatment? Haven't these gangsta rappers ever heard of Macs? The name's even fitting! He's even doing his "C-walk" around with it in one part of the video. Next thing you know theres gonna be gang-colored iPods and if you're on the wrong side of town with the wrong color headphones, game over man. Maybe Apple was even wiser than we all thought by choosing a gang-neutral color for their mp3 player.


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spyke said...

Check out the music video:
Lucky Boys Confusion - Hey Driver

Mike said...

Don't forget Obie Trice rocked the iPod too.. in addition to Fiddy..

miyna said...

I hear you. The iPod is getting much play in the Hip Hop community. I wonder what happens when the Rocbox takes off.

I gave this post and your site a shout-out on my Style page, too.

Anonymous said...

Got news boys and girls. This is not snoops ipod. It actually belongs to P. Diddy. It lent to snoop for the video. The label is just a sticker that was applied to the ipod.

Anonymous said...

It's actually a water based paint. I contacted the company that made the iPod about buying one and they told me all about it.