Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ashlee Simpson, Mili Vanilli; seperated at birth?

I got home last night, in time for a little Saturday Night Live. You know, its not as funny as it used to be. The funniest part however was unintentional. Ashlee Simpson was the musical guest, definately the ugliest least talented of the two sisters. On her second song, she came out, swayed around and... started singing the SAME SONG. BUT, the mic was at her waist, and her lips weren't even moving! Either this was a B kung-fu movie, or she was fakin it. Her recorded voice faded out in an echo, and her band just kept jamming. So what did she do? She did a jig. Thats right, she broke out in a good ol' fashioned hoe-down before she stumbled off stage embarressed. Good for her. You know, in the old days, rockers had to slave away in smokey hole in the wall clubs for years before they got the recognition. Rappers sold crack (well, maybe not Ja-Rule, but he sucks) till they got onto BET. Ashlee Simpson's daddy got her a deal. At the end of SNL she tried to blame it on her band playing the wrong song. Oh well. Only time will tell if this was the end of her 15 minutes of fame.

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aNNa said...

i disagree.i think she is the prettiest in the family. maybe not the most talented,but i like her songs. im not a fan of her. im not a fan of anybody actually. but when i like a song, i like it.
i believe the chaos i SNL was not her fault.

funny that my classmates and me were just talking about jessica simpson. we think she has great voice, but she doesnt really know how to use it well. nevertheless, i used to like some of her songs.